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The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) is the region’s largest public transit provider, offering safe, reliable and affordable transportation services about 370,000 times per day. METRO operates more than 1,200 buses, and introduced its new and improved bus network in August, 2015.

In addition to existing Bellaire Quickline #402, Bellaire #2, and Beechnut #4, riders in the Southwest Management District can benefit from #152 Harwin Express and #153 Harwin Express. Much of Bellaire Chinatown and the retail zone along Harwin and Hillcroft are serviced by METRO bus lines.

Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, as well as Houston Baptist University at Beechnut and Southwest Freeway are accessible on Beechnut #4. The Hope Clinic on Corporate and Bellaire, the Chinese Community Center in the "social service corridor" on Corporate and Texas Children's Hospital's The Center for Children and Women at 9700 Bissonnet are all accessible on #152 Harwin Express.

Learn more about METRO by visiting ridemetro.org where you can download information and view bus route information in various languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, French, and German.


  • METRO cannot offer cash refunds. Any unused balance will be transferred onto a METRO fare card.
  • Lost or stolen METRO fare cards are replaced free of charge for the first loss. There is a $10.00 replacement fee for each replaced card, thereafter.
  • Customers who received their METRO Q® Card from their employer (i.e. the employer is a RideSponsor) should follow the instructions of their Employee Transportation Coordinator to receive a new card.
  • METROLift customers will be contacted by a METROLift representative or call 713-225-0119.
  • Balance is protected when you register your card.



Fare Zone Chart



Discounted Fares Students, Seniors, Medicare Cardholders and Disabled

Local / METRORail $1.25 per ride $0.60 per ride
Park & Ride Zone 1 $2.00 per ride $1.00 per ride
Park & Ride Zone 2 $3.25 per ride $1.60 per ride
Park & Ride Zone 3 $3.75 per ride $1.85 per ride
Park & Ride Zone 4 $4.50 per ride $2.25 per ride
All fares are rounded to the nearest nickel, dime, or quarter. 



METRO Q® Fare Card

METRO Day Pass

The METRO Q® Fare Card offers the best value for riders who use local bus, rail or commuter service once or twice daily. The METRO Day Pass offers the best value for frequent local bus and rail riders who travel three or more times daily.
No rider restrictions. Card can be used anytime on any METRO bus or train. Reloadable 

Valid only on the day of activation – expires 2 a.m. the following morning.

FREE Transfers (up to three hours in the same direction) with every paid fare. FREE Transfers (up to three hours in the same direction) for the first two paid fares. Enjoy unlimited travel, in any direction, after your third paid fare - same day only.
50% discounts for students, seniors and disabled riders. Customers can load/reload their card using any amount ranging from $5 to $500. 50% discount for students, seniors and disabled riders. Riders can preload up to $500 per card.
Users are rewarded over time, offering 5 FREE rides for every 50 paid rides.*
*Trips cannot be combined from multiple METRO Q® Cards.
Frequent users are rewarded the same day, offering unlimited local bus and rail service.
Tap your card to pay. Activates after three paid taps of your card.

Never pay more than $3 a day – no matter how often you ride.

Valid on all METRO bus and light-rail service.
METRO Q® Fare Card User Guide (PDF)
Valid on METRO Park & Ride service; however, paid fares will not count toward the unlimited local bus and rail travel benefit.
METRO Day Pass Brochure (PDF- English)
METRO Day Pass Brochure (PDF- Spanish)